Company's achieved certificates from the year 2007 up to now:

  • The top company in the tenth international exhibition of power industry in Iran in the employers group
  • Twenty fourth International conference on power
  • Proposal of construction of four-circuit line of electronic energy transfer (saving 7000 million Riyal)
  • The new quality management system certification in 2008 edition
  • Golden Eagle Award, from the International Institute "Actualidad" Spain
  • Selection of Mr.Hossein Afzali, the CEO, as the superior manager of suggestion system for the second consecutive year from the fourth national festival of suggestion system.
  • The Golden statue of suggestion system by Mazandaran and Golestan Regional Electric company
  • Platinum statue and commitment to world quality certification (WQC) of BID (Business Initiative Directions) in 2012, Spain.
  • The superior company in statistical management between Iran's Regional Electric companies
  • Golestan governor's appreciation of Mazandaran and Golestan Regional Electric CEO because of infrastructural development and construction of the power industry in Golestan province.