The Power Plants

Neka Power Plant
Neka power plant has the greatest power generation installed capacity in the country's power grid. It is composed of steam power generation units of 4x440MW, gas turbine units of Siemens V 94.2 with nominal capacity of 2x137.5 MW, as well HRSG units with 160 MW rated capacity ( as closed combined cycle 435 MW totally), expansion gas turbine with 18.8 MW; then overall capacity is 2213.8 MW.
It is located at the southern coastline of Caspian sea, in Mazandaran province, 22 kilometers from Neka City and one of the most strategically heart of the power grid.
First, steam generation units was contracted between Iran power ministry and a consortium of three German companies including BBC, BABCOCK, and BILFINGER+BERGER in 1975. They were started and connected to the grid since 1979 .
Afterwards, the gas turbines were procured with rated capacity of 2x137.5 MW during the wartime. These units of Siemens V 94.2 were installed by Nasb Niroo under supervision of Qods Niroo and connected to the grid in 1990. Due to considerable amount of thermal waste in these units, they were qualified to be a combined cycle plant. Hence, two units of HRSG were designed and installed by MAPNA and the Korean joint company, DOOSAN, so the combined cycle was paralleled to the grid in 2006, at the rated power of 435 MW.

Expansion turbines (Atlas Copco Turbo Expander) were installed just after Reducing Gas Station at the entrance of power plant, under management of Iran Electricity Development Organisation in 2006 . They can obtain the considerable amount of energy during pressure drop of entering natural gas instead of current pressure regulator valves by nominal capacity of 2x9.4 MW.


Aliabad Power Plant
Aliabad power plant is the largest power generation plant in Golestan province. The plant currently has six gas turbine units ( rated capacity of 6x162 MW). The project Aliabad power plant had been contracted to MAPNA and its partners in 2008, under supervision of Qods Niroo company and consult of Monenco Iran company. Afterwards, this power plant was paralleled to the grid as B.O.O contraction to Azarakhsh Company in 2010.


Noshahr Power Plant
Noshahr power generation units had been installed and operated in Ray power plant, as the first generation of gas turbine in Iran. Considering the necessity to generate power in western part of the Mazandaran province, Noshahr power plant was installed and operated in 2009.The plant currently has the rated capacity of 2x25MW. This plant was re-installted by Behineh Sazi Niroo and Mojrian Sanat va Niroo Andishe under supervision of Vala Energy, and it is being operated by Arian Mahtab Gostar company since 2009.