Branch selling

Branch selling

1- The client should refer to mazandaran regional electric company, assistance domain of distribution supervision-users coordination and programming office,Sari,Imam square,PB:188,Tel and fax :0151 2220846 during work hours (7AM to 2-35 pm).

2- Providing request and filling in application form of branching purchasing more than 2 megawat by client.

3- Investigating and responding to clients by users coordination and programing office using power supplementary by laws.
The maximum period of performing:18 days.

4- After accepting conditions and paying related cost that will be mentioned in response to client,the measurement will be performed for supplying the needed power of client.

Note: Because supplying the needed power of these kinds of clients, necessitate investment and executing high pressure electric project, so determining the period of performing tasks is not possible.